Office of Public Engagement [Immigration] Law and Legal Definition

The Office of Public Engagement (OPE) is a program office within the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) that coordinates and directs agency-wide dialogue with external stakeholders.

The OPE function include:

a. to collaborate with, and seeks feedback from, stakeholders to inform USCIS policies, priorities, and organizational performance reviews;

b. to facilitate open and transparent communication between the Agency, external stakeholders, and the customers they represent by sharing feedback, working with Agency leadership, coordinating follow-up, and reporting back to stakeholders; and

c. to work closely with other USCIS offices to support the implementation of highly visible outreach programs and public education initiatives.

The OPE is composed of three divisions:

a. The Community Relations and Engagement Division that is responsible for developing and maintaining collaborative relationships with community-based organizations, faith-based and advocacy groups, employer and employee associations, ESL/Civics instructors, international, business, legal, and law enforcement entities, and all other stakeholders who have daily interactions with the Agency and its customers;

b. Intergovernmental Affairs Division that advances outreach and communication with state, local, territorial, and tribal partners, including elected officials, associations, and other intergovernmental component offices; and

c. Protocol Division that identifies opportunities for engagement and collaboration across all lines of work to support USCIS priorities.