Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities [HUD] Law and Legal Definition

The Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities) is one of the program offices of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities aims to create strong, sustainable communities by connecting housing to jobs, fostering local innovation, and helping to build a clean energy economy.

The functions of the Office include:

a. to coordinate federal housing and transportation investments with local land use decisions in order to reduce transportation costs for families, improve housing affordability, save energy, and increase access to housing and employment opportunities;

b. to nurture healthier and inclusive communities, ensure that housing is located near job centers and affordable, accessible transportation is available:

c. to create an unprecedented partnership across federal agencies and provide resources and tools to help communities realize their own visions for building more livable, walkable, environmentally sustainable regions; and

d. to help to contribute to building a new clean energy economy by working with other federal agencies, states and local communities, and industry partners to catalyze innovation and develop strategies to reduce energy consumption in the residential sector.