Omne Crimen Ebrietas Et Incendit Et Detegit Law and Legal Definition

Omne crimen ebrietas et incendit et detegit is legal maxim in Latin. It means drunkenness both inflames and reveals every crime. Drunkenness aggravates and lays bare every crime.

Temporary insanity, produced immediately by intoxication, does not destroy responsibility, where a person, when sane and responsible, makes himself voluntarily drunk. As for a drunkard who is voluntarius daemon, he hath, as has been said, no privilege thereby; but what hurt or ill soever he doeth, his drunkenness doth aggravate it, omne crimen ebrietas et incendit et detegit. Although it is doubtful whether it can be said that drunkenness aggravates a crime in a judicial sense, yet it is unquestioned that it forms no defense to the fact of guilt. [State v. Hundley, 46 Mo. 414 (Mo. 1870)].