Online Pricing Law and Legal Definition

Online pricing is the price assigned to items that are purchased via internet shopping. Some retailers offer items online as well as at their physical store locations, while other retailers only offer items online or at a physical location for inperson purchasing. Prices may vary depending on whether the item is purchased online or at a store. Some of the factors involved in this different pricing are:

1) Cost of overhead. Online retailers don't have to pay as much in rent, utilities and staff as do retailers with store sites that need to be rented, maintained and staffed.
2) Shipping. Items purchased online need to be shipped to the purchaser. Sometimes the cost of shipping is paid by the purchaser, othertimes the retailer will front the cost of shipping. Inperson shoppers generally do not need items shipped, they can usually take the items home with them.
3) Sales Tax. Depending on where you live and where you are buying from, you may not have to pay sales tax.
4)Methods of Payment. Online retailers will usually only accept payment by either credit card, Pay Pal account, checking account, or some sort of online financing option. Most stores accept cash payments from inperson shoppers.