Organizational Analysis Law and Legal Definition

Organizations develop over time and change according to the environmental, personnel, and management changes it experiences. Individual members of the organization tend to develop their own views based upon their history and position within the organization. Rarely do these differing views of the organization coincide accurately. Organizational analysis looks at the current state of the entire organization’s operational and structural framework. It locates and defines problem areas. Input is gained from management and employees as well as plans and strategies which exist for Sales, Marketing, Financial Planning, Accounting, Administration, and Personnel Management.

Organizational analysis identifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities that employees will need in the future as the organization and their jobs change. Organizational analysis is a holistic approach which involves looking at the entire organization; the overall structure, the departments, functions, processes, jobs, the interplay between groups, system dynamics, human energy alignment, and other issues. It explores what is as compared to what should be and the gaps between the two.