Rate of Basic Pay Law and Legal Definition

"Rate of basic pay means--

(A) the rate of basic pay payable to an employee under law or regulations before any deductions or additions of any kind, but including--

(i) any applicable locality-based comparability payment under section 5304 [5 USCS § 5304] or similar provision of law;

(ii) any applicable special pay under section 5305 [5 USCS § 5305] or similar provision of law; and

(iii) subject to such regulations as the Office of Personnel Management may prescribe, any applicable existing retained rate of pay established under section 5363 [5 USCS § 5363] or similar provision of law; and

(B) in the case of a prevailing rate employee, the scheduled rate of pay determined under section 5343 [5 USCS § 5343].”