Re-entry Court Law and Legal Definition

Re-entry courts are specialized courts that help to reduce a offender’s habitual relapse into crime and improves public safety through the use of judicial oversight. The emergence of re-entry courts is a relatively new phenomenon

The responsibilities generally assigned to reentry courts include:

(1) review offenders' reentry progress and problems

(2) order offenders to participate in various treatment and reintegration programs

(3) use drug and alcohol testing and other checks to monitor compliance

(4) apply graduated sanctions to offenders who do not comply with treatment requirements

(5) provide modest incentive rewards for sustained clean drug tests and other positive behaviors.

Reentry court can take various forms like it can be a case defined reentry court where a sentencing judge retains jurisdiction over a case during the entire life of the sentence. On the other hand it can be a stand-alone court where the court maintains an exclusive docket of reentry cases.