Reargument Law and Legal Definition

Reargument refers to the act of arguing over again, by a motion made in court. The purpose of reargument is to bring to the court’s attention some substantive principle that was overlooked or misrepresented during the initial arguments before that court. Usually reargument occurs before the court reaches its decision. When a new trial is granted for reargument only, no evidence is adduced.

Rehearing and reargument are different. A rehearing is requested after a judgment is rendered and when a party wants the judgment modified. However, a reargument is allowed as an additional argument before the judgment is rendered.

The following is a state statute that provides for reargument. "In civil matters only, when a judgment of a district court is to be modified or reversed and one judge dissents, the case shall be reargued before a panel of at least five judges prior to rendition of judgment, and a majority must concur to render judgment”. [La. Const. Art. V, § 8]