Recipient Law and Legal Definition

A person who receives something is called a recipient. For example one who receives money or goods or financial assistance can be called a recipient. The term 'recipient', when used with respect to an electronic mail message, means the addressee of such message.

Example of state statutes ( Ohio) defining recipient

ORC Ann. 145.43 Ohio Revised Code, Title 1. State Government ,Chapter 145. Public Employees Retirement System; Funds


F) As used in this division, "recipient" means an individual who is receiving or may be eligible to receive an allowance or benefit under this chapter based on the individual's service to a public employer.


ORC Ann. 175.30; Title 1. State Government; Chapter 175. Housing Finance Agency; Grants for Grads Program


F)"Recipient" means an individual who has been awarded a grant or has received financial assistance or down payment assistance under the program. ****”