Reconciliation Law and Legal Definition

Reconciliation in divorce law is the reunification of a married couple who is separated or divorced. Some courts exercise conciliation jurisdiction to offer conciliation services, such as marital counseling, to couples in an attempt to reunite them. The following is an example of a state statute dealimg with conciliation jurisdiction:

" 107.590 Court orders; reconciliation agreements.

  1. A circuit court undertaking to exercise conciliation jurisdiction pursuant to ORS 107.540 or 107.550, with the consent of the spouses, may make orders with respect to the conduct of the spouses and with respect to the subject of the controversy as it considers necessary to preserve the marriage or to implement the reconciliation of the spouses; but an order shall not be effective for more than 60 days unless the spouses consent to a continuance of the order.
  2. Any reconciliation agreement between the spouses may be reduced to writing, and, with the consent of the spouses, the court may make an order requiring the spouses to comply fully with the agreement.
  3. The court may at any time terminate or modify any order previously made."