Records Custodian Law and Legal Definition

The records custodian is the person responsible keeping records in the ordinary course of business. In litigation, business records, such as hospital charts, are often allowed into evidence with a certificate signed by the records custodian responsible for the records, verifying the completeness and accuracy of the records or copies thereof. In this manner, the records custodian is saved the time-consuming duty of appearing personally in court.

The following is an example of a certicate of authenticity of a records custodian:

I, _____, hereby certify and affirm in writing that I am _____ of the _____ Hospital, a hospital organized or operated pursuant to or under the laws of Alabama, located at _____, Alabama, that I am custodian of the hospital records of said hospital and that the within copy of said hospital records are an exact, full, true and correct copy of said hospital records pertaining to _____.

I further certify that I am familiar with and know, and knew when made and charged, the reasonable value and price for the various charges made and shown in said hospital records pertaining to _________ and that said charges are in my judgment just, reasonable and proper and in keeping with those generally charged in the county and community where said hospital is located.

All of which I hereby certify and affirm on this ______ day of __________, 20__