Recross Examination Law and Legal Definition

Recross examination refers to resumption of cross-examination by the original cross-examiner in order to respond to matters that may have arisen during the re-examination of a witness. However recross examination can only deal with those subjects addressed in redirect examination.

The following are examples of caselaw discussing recross examination:

There is no right to recross-examine a witness, provided the scope of any redirect examination is limited to matters raised on cross-examination. Whether to allow recross-examination is left to the trial court's "broad discretion." [Green v. United States, 718 A.2d 1042 (D.C. 1998)]

Recross-examination should be limited to the scope of redirect examination, or matters affecting the credibility of the witness. [State v. Cordeiro, 99 Haw. 390 (Haw. 2002)]