Redemption Deed Law and Legal Definition

A redemption deed is an evidence of the payment of taxes. A redemption deed can be obtained upon payment of taxes, interest, penalty, and costs. One who redeems land from a tax sale obtains a redemption deed. Such redemption deed from a state to the land forfeited for taxes conveys no title to a stranger if s/he has no right, title or interest in the land. Moreover, a person redeeming should have some title and therefore a mere stranger cannot redeem.

Arkansas Statute on redemption deed:

26-37-303. Redemption deed.

(a) If the owner redeems the tax-delinquent land, the Commissioner of State Lands shall issue a redemption deed and record it in the county wherein the land is located.

(b) The fee for the redemption deed and the fee for recording the deed shall be borne by the owner.