Reentry Accident [Aeronautics and Space] Law and Legal Definition

According to 14 CFR 401.5 [Title 14 Aeronautics and Space; Chapter III Commercial Space Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation (Parts 400 to 499); Subchapter A General; Part 401 Organization and Definitions], Reentry Accident means

“(1) Any unplanned event occurring during the reentry of a reentry vehicle resulting in the impact of the reentry vehicle, its payload, or any component thereof, outside a designated reentry site;

(2) An event that causes a fatality or serious injury (as defined in 49 CFR 830.2) to any person who is not associated with the reentry;

(3) An event that causes damage estimated to exceed $ 25,000 to property not associated with the reentry and not located within a designated reentry site; and

(4) For a reentry that takes place with a person on board, a fatality or serious injury to a space flight participant or crew member.”