Registered Mail Law and Legal Definition

Registered mail is a fee based delivery method offered by the U.S. Postal service to protect against loss or damage of valuable items sent through the mail. Items you send with Registered Mail are placed under tight security from the point of mailing to the point of delivery, and insured up to $25,000 against loss or damage. You can verify the date and time of delivery and the delivery attempts online. Registered mail to Canada is subject to a $1,000 indemnity limit. To all other foreign countries, the indemnity limit at the time of this writing is $40.45.

Registered mail provides the sender with a mailing receipt and online access to the delivery status. Registered mail service is available for items paid at first-class Mail rates. Registered Mail service may be combined with Collect on Delivery (COD), Delivery Confirmation, Restricted Delivery, Return Receipt, or Signature Confirmation. Postal insurance is provided on a sliding scale fee basis for articles with a maximum declared value up to $25,000. Handling charges apply for articles valued over $25,000. Some governmental regulations require important notices to be sent by registered mail.