Registrar Law and Legal Definition

Registrar in general refers to a person in charge of recordkeeping in a particular subject matter. They are often found at universities and colleges. A registrar's duties, among others, includes the recording and preserving of the permanent academic records of students, administering rules regarding exams, and observing the credentials of students applying for admission.

For example, the following is an example of a state statute governing the duties of a state land registrar:

  1. "The State Land Registrar shall keep a record of all lands and interests in land held by the Division pursuant to NRS 321.001 and of all lands and interests in land which have been sold by the Division. These records, together with all plats, papers and documents relating to the business of the State Land Office, must be open to public inspection during office hours at no charge.
  2. The State Land Registrar shall procure from the Bureau of Land Management one copy of each township plat of the public surveys now approved or which may subsequently be approved by the proper United States authorities, unless those copies have been previously obtained."