Related Services [Education] Law and Legal Definition

According to 34 CFR 222.50 [Title 34 – Education; Subtitle B -- Regulations of the Offices of the Department of Education; Chapter II -- Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, Department of Education; Part 222 -- Impact Aid Programs; Subpart D -- Payments Under Section 8003(D) of the Act for Local Educational Agencies that Serve Children with Disabilities], the term related services means “transportation and those developmental, corrective, and other supportive services (including speech pathology and audiology, psychological services, physical and occupational therapy, recreation, including therapeutic recreation, social work services, counseling services, including rehabilitation counseling, and medical services, except that medical services must be for diagnostic and evaluation purposes only) as may be required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education, and includes the early identification and assessment of disabling conditions in children.”