Representation Allowances Law and Legal Definition

Representation allowances refer to those allowances granted to cover allowable items of expenditure by employees primarily Country Directors whose official position entail the responsibility for establishing and maintaining relationships of value to the U.S. in foreign countries.

Allowable items of expenditure include:

a. entertainment of a protocol nature, such as that normally offered by the principal and high-ranking subordinate officers of the Foreign Service at posts abroad on such occasions as national holidays and on such other important occasions as visits of noted personages or of public vessels or aircraft;

b. entertainment undertaken by employees to promote personal relationships necessary to the performance of their official duties;

c. gratuities (in addition to those related to entertainment) to persons not employed by the U.S., where such gratuities are used primarily to extend courtesies or to conform to social or diplomatic custom;

d. purchase of flowers, wreaths and similar tokens for presentation in accordance with local custom on appropriate occasions such as weddings, births or deaths of important personages;

e. entertainment of members and employees of the Legislative and/or Judicial Branches of the U.S.Government, or other American citizens who are not employees of the Federal Government, including State and local officials and business persons;

f. hiring extra waiters, busboys or other temporary help to serve at official functions, and overtime for ORE staff serving at official representation events;

g. rental costs incurred for ceremonial dress required of staff accompanying an Ambassador in presenting his/her credentials to the head of state; rental costs incurred by Ambassadors, Deputy Chiefs of Mission and officers serving as Charge D’Affaires for formal morning dress required by host country protocol for official ceremonial occasions;

h. printing, engraving or purchase of invitations to official functions, seasonal greeting cards,or other printing and engraving related to representation functions, where there exists agency authority for such printing and engraving; and

i. other representational expenses which the head of agency may authorize or approve as being of a type to promote the interests of the U.S.

Representation allowances shall not be used for the following or similar purposes:

a. hire, purchase, operation or repair of any passenger-carrying vehicle, including aircraft;

b. membership fees or dues in any society, club, or association;

c. compensation for cost of living, residence expenses, or for assignment under difficult environmental conditions;

d. expenses of recreation and entertainment solely for employees of the Executive Branch of the United States Government and their families;

e. rental of formal wear for any occasion; and

f. expenses incurred within the U.S.