Request for Review Law and Legal Definition

Generally decisions made by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) can be reviewed by the filing of a request for review. when an ALJ renders a decision called an administrative order, it may be reviewed by either a higher level within the agency or by a court. A person denied their claim by an ALJ must "exhaust his/her administrative remedies" (take every step, including appeals) with the agency and its system before the administrative ruling may be appealed by a lawsuit in court.

For example, in social security matters, if a person disagrees with the hearing decision rendered by the administrative law judge he or she can request a review by Social Security’s Appeals Council. The appeal council will look into all requests for review. If the appeals council believes that the hearing decision is correct the request can be denied. On review the appellate council can either decide the case by itself or return it to an administrative law judge for further review. However if the appeal council decides not review your case or if you disagree with the Appeals Council’s decision, then a law suit can be filed in a federal district court.