Resident Commissioner Law and Legal Definition

A Resident Commissioner refers to the title of several, quite different types of Commissioner in overseas possession of the U.S. In the U.S., the resident commissioner of Puerto Rico does not reside there but represents the U.S. Commonwealth in the continental United States, and represents Puerto Rico in the United States House of Representatives. His/her status is equivalent to a territorial delegate before executive departments.

The following is an example of federal law on resident commissioner :

The qualified electors of Porto Rico [Puerto Rico] shall choose a Resident Commissioner to the United States at each general election, whose term of office shall be four years from 3d day of January following such general election, and who shall be entitled to receive official recognition as such commissioner by all of the departments of the Government of the United States, upon presentation, through the Department of State, of a certificate of election of the Governor of Porto Rico [Puerto Rico]. [48 USCS § 891].