Residual Parental rights, Privileges, and Responsibilities Law and Legal Definition

Residual parental rights, privileges, and responsibilities are those rights, privileges, and responsibilities remaining with a natural parent after the transfer of legal custody of a child. The term includes the privilege of reasonable visitation, consent to adoption, the privilege to determine a child's religious affiliation, and the responsibility for support.[In re Barkhurst 2002 Ohio 4711, P40 (Ohio Ct. App. 2002]

The residual parental rights of a parent can be terminated by a court by separate petition. A court can terminate residual parental rights of one parent without affecting the rights of the other parent. An order terminating residual parental rights must be accompanied by an order continuing or granting custody to a local board of social services, to a licensed child-placing agency or the granting of custody or guardianship to a relative or other interested individual.