Resource Room [Education] Law and Legal Definition

A class room where a special-education teacher works with a small group of students, using techniques that work more efficiently with a special-needs population is resource room. A resource room provides needed students with additional help while letting such students remain generally with the mainstream. However, resource room lacks the structure and routine of a self-contained classroom. Usually, students who are in need of intensive help to keep up with grade-level work in a particular subject are placed in a resource room. Students with educational disabilities, such as specific learning disabilities, receive direct, specialized instructions in small groups in resource room.

Special education teachers and educational assistants will be appointed in a resource room to focus on particular goals as mandated by an individualized education program and remedy general education curriculum. The development of executive skills, including homework completion and behavior are included in the program. Students usually attend resource rooms three to five times per week for about forty five minutes per day, depending on individual needs.