Responsive Applications [Railroad Acquisition] Law and Legal Definition

According to 49 CFR 1180.3 [Title 49 – Transportation; Subtitle B Other Regulations Relating to Transportation; Chapter X Surface Transportation Board, Department of Transportation; Subchapter B Rules of Practice; Part 1180 Railroad Acquisition, Control, Merger, Consolidation Project, Trackage Rights, and Lease Procedures; Subpart A General Acquisition Procedures], responsive applications are “applications filed in response to a primary application are those seeking affirmative relief either as a condition to or in lieu of the approval of the primary application. Responsive applications include inconsistent applications, inclusion applications, and any other affirmative relief that requires an application, petition, notice, or any other filing to be submitted to the Board (such as trackage rights, purchases, constructions, operation, pooling, terminal operations, abandonments, and other types of proceedings not otherwise covered).”