Retail Food Store Law and Legal Definition

"Retail food store means--

(1) an establishment or house-to-house trade route that sells food for home preparation and consumption and-

(A) offers for sale, on a continuous basis, a variety of foods in each of the 4 categories of staple foods specified in subsection (r)(1), including perishable foods in at least 2 of the categories; or

(B) has over 50 percent of the total sales of the establishment or route in staple foods,

as determined by visual inspection, sales records, purchase records, counting of stock-keeping units, or other inventory or accounting recordkeeping methods that are customary or reasonable in the retail food industry;

(2) an establishment, organization, program, or group living arrangement referred to in paragraphs (3), (4), (5), (7), (8), and (9) of subsection (k);

(3) a store purveying the hunting and fishing equipment described in subsection (k)(6); and

(4) any private nonprofit cooperative food purchasing venture, including those in which the members pay for food purchased prior to the receipt of such food.”