Riding Gang Member Law and Legal Definition

According to 46 USCS § 2101(1) [Title 46. Shipping; Subtitle II. Vessels and Seamen; Part A. General Provisions; Chapter 21. General], the term riding gang member means "an individual who

(A) has not been issued a merchant mariner document under chapter 73 [46 USCS §§ 7301 et seq.];

(B) does not perform

(i) watchstanding, automated engine room duty watch, or personnel safety functions; or

(ii) cargo handling functions, including any activity relating to the loading or unloading of cargo, the operation of cargo-related equipment (whether or not integral to the vessel), and the handling of mooring lines on the dock when the vessel is made fast or let go;

(C) does not serve as part of the crew complement required under section 8101 [46 USCS § 8101];

(D) is not a member of the steward's department; and

(E) is not a citizen or temporary or permanent resident of a country designated by the United States as a sponsor of terrorism or any other country that the Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the heads of other appropriate United States agencies, determines to be a security threat to the United States."