Tarde Venit Law and Legal Definition

Tarde venit is a return made by a sheriff to a writ, when it came into his/her hands too late to be executed before the return day.

It is usual to return the writ with an indorsement of tarde venit. On returning a writ, the sheriff is required to show that s/he has yielded obedience to the writ, or must give a good excuse for omission. Tarde venit means, in a return to a writ, that it came into the officer's hands too late to be executed before the return day in the writ. [Guinto v. Philadelphia Fire & Marine Ins. Co., 1934 Pa. Dist. & Cnty. Dec. LEXIS 166 (Pa. C.P. 1934)].

In Westmoreland Bank v. Rainey, 1 Watts 26, 32-33 (Pa. 1832), the court held that tarde venit, if true, is a proper return to the writ. Return of a writ must be substantial in some shape, by the sheriff; when s/he have sufficient time before the return day of the writ to enable him to do so: if not, then s/he should return tarde venit.