Tavern Law and Legal Definition

A tavern is a business place where people gather to drink alcoholic beverages. A tavern has a legal license to serve alcoholic beverages and food. However, it is not entitled to put up guests. According to ALM GL ch.10, § 70, tavern is an establishment where alcoholic beverages may be sold, as authorized by law, with or without food, to be served to and drunk by patrons in plain view of other patrons, all entrances to which shall open directly from a public way. The business conducted therein shall be open to public view from the sidewalk level and the establishment shall be properly lighted. No window facing a public way shall be obstructed by any screen or other object extending more than five feet above the level of the sidewalk on which the establishment abuts, but in no event shall any screen or obstruction prevent a clear view of the interior of said tavern.