TEACH Act Law and Legal Definition

TEACH Act refers to Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act enacted in 2002. It is a form of copyright law which provides the educators to copy documents or use copyrighted materials in a classroom setting. TEACH Act also plays an important role in distance education. TEACH Act permits the students and teachers of institutions to use the copyrighted materials as part of their coursework. TEACH Act facilitated the teachers and students to access copyrighted materials and use wider range of works in distance learning environments.

Following are the requirements laid down in TEACH Act:

1.The benefits of the TEACH Act apply only to a government body or an accredited nonprofit educational institution.

2.The educational institution must institute policies regarding copyright.

3.The institution must provide informational materials regarding copyright. These materials must accurately describe, and promote compliance with, the laws of the U.S. relating to copyright.

4.In addition to the general distribution of informational materials, the institution must provide notice to students that materials used in connection with the course may be subject to copyright protection.****