Teacher Adviser System Law and Legal Definition

A teacher adviser system means a system where an individual professional educator in a school assists a small group of students and their parents or guardians throughout the students' high school careers.[ 2010 Ga. ALS 390, 1]. A teacher adviser system provides individual students with support and advice of an adviser. The teacher adviser becomes the key figure in the support system for the student. The teacher adviser system enables students to have a close tie with a faculty member. The teacher is responsible for overseeing student’s academic and social progress in the school and provides parents with the opportunity to have a personal contact within the school.

The purpose of a teacher adviser system is to set post secondary goals and help them prepare programs of study, utilizing assessments and other data to track academic progress on a regular basis. The teacher communicates frequently with parents or guardians; and provides advisement, support, and encouragement as needed.

The responsibilities of an adviser in teacher adviser system are:

(1)to review student's report to identify critical information about academic strategies and conditions;

(2) to make arrangement to meet with the student on a regular basis;

(3) to contact the parents of each student at least after each reporting period;

(4) to monitor the academic progress of each student in the advisee group;

(5) to provide support for exam preparation and other extra help;

(6) to be aware of each student’s activity and the overall involvement in the school program;

(7) to collect, proof reading and assembling report cards;

(8) to refer social or behavioral issues to appropriate Student Services personnel;

(9) to maintain a file of contact information for each student; and

(10) to communicate relevant information about students to appropriate people.