Teaching Residency Program Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 20 USCS § 1021 (22), [Title 20. Education; Chapter 28. Higher Education Resources and Student Assistance; Teacher Quality Enhancement] the term teaching residency program means “a school-based teacher preparation program in which a prospective teacher--

(A) for one academic year, teaches alongside a mentor teacher, who is the teacher of record;

(B) receives concurrent instruction during the year described in subparagraph (A) from the partner institution, which courses may be taught by local educational agency personnel or residency program faculty, in the teaching of the content area in which the teacher will become certified or licensed;

(C) acquires effective teaching skills; and

(D) prior to completion of the program--

(i) attains full State certification or licensure and becomes highly qualified; and

(ii) acquires a master's degree not later than 18 months after beginning the program.”