Tear Sheets (Entertainment Law) Law and Legal Definition

advertising agencies use the term "tear sheets" to denote pages cut or torn from a publication to prove to a client that an advertisement was published. Advertising agencies are required by clients to provide tear sheets along with a post analysis of any advertising campaign. Also, publishers of periodicals are legally required to provide a tear sheet upon request of any advertiser. In the era of online advertising, tear sheets appear in the form of PDF and is known as virtual tear sheet.

In the modeling field,tear sheets are proof a particular model has worked for a particular brand or agency. Aspiring models need to take tear sheets as seriously as they consider being represented by an agency. An agency's clients may demand to see tear sheets for the proof that an agency can and does get its models print work. It helps to promote their business. Photographers also give significance to tear sheets. Both photographers and models need tear sheets to show that their works were published in order to be able to advance in their careers.

Tear sheets help in checking out whether a modeling agency is legitimate, or to find out if a photographer is respected. Tear sheets should be displayed on a website or at least be made available at request.