Telephone Disclosure and Dispute Resolution Act Law and Legal Definition

The Telephone Disclosure and Dispute Resolution Act ("Act") is a federal legislation providing uniform regulatory guidelines on pay-per-call businesses that have engaged in practices which are misleading to the consumer, and is harmful to the public interest. It is established pursuant to 15 USCS § 5701. The Act states that each pay-per-call message should include an introductory disclosure message that contains the following:

1.description of the service being provided;

2.Specification of the total cost or the cost per minute and any other fees for that service and for any other pay-per-call service to which the caller may be transferred;

3.Information on the charges for the call begin at the end of the introductory message;

4.Information about the parental consent is required for calls made by children; and

5.Information in the case of a pay-per-call service that is not operated or expressly authorized by a federal agency.