Temporary Allegiance Law and Legal Definition

Temporary allegiance means summary allegiance owed by a resident alien to a state during his/her period of residence in such state. It is a well-established rule that an alien owes to the country in which s/he is domiciled, local and temporary allegiance that continues throughout period of his/her residence in return for protection s/he receives. For breach of temporary allegiance, aliens can be punished for treason. Aliens who are domiciled during rebellion within insurrectionary district and within rebel lines can also be punished for treason.

In Fletes-Mora v. Rogers, 160 F. Supp. 215 (D. Cal. 1958), the court observed that “the United States recognizes an alien's obligation of "temporary allegiance" to a country while he is within its territory. The term "temporary allegiance" refers to the alien's duty to obey all laws of a country not immediately relating to citizenship so long as he remains in that country”.