Temporary Help Service Firm Law and Legal Definition

According to 5 CFR 300.501 [Title 5 Administrative Personnel; Chapter I Office of Personnel Management; Subchapter B Civil Service Regulations; Part 300 Employment (General); Subpart E Use of Private Sector Temporaries], temporary help service firm is a private sector entity which quickly provides other organizations with specific services performed by its pool of employees, possessing the appropriate work skills, for brief or intermittent periods. The firm is the legally responsible employer and maintains that relationship during the time its employees are assigned to a client. The firm, not the client organization, recruits, tests, hires, trains, assigns, pays, provides benefits and leave to, and as necessary, addresses performance problems, disciplines, and terminates its employees. Among other employer obligations, the firm is responsible for payroll deductions and payment of income taxes, social security (FICA), unemployment insurance, and workers' compensation, and shall provide required liability insurance and bonding.