Temporary Permit Law and Legal Definition

Temporary permits refer to a written or oral authorization to do something for a short duration. They are permits issued temporarily. Usually they are issued on payment of a prescribed fee for a specific period beyond which it has no validity.

Temporary permits can be issued for variety of reasons. The following are a few examples of temporary permits issued in Michigan:

The department may issue to a nonresident owner of a foreign vehicle a temporary permit authorizing the operation of the foreign vehicle within the state for a period of 72 hours, without registering the vehicle, on the payment of a prescribed fee. The temporary permit shall be in a form as prescribed by, and shall be displayed on a foreign vehicle in a manner determined by the secretary of state. Each request for a temporary permit shall be based on emergency or infrequent need for the permit. The secretary of state may refuse to issue a permit if he or she has reason to believe the applicant has previously forged or misused a permit, has attempted to circumvent the registration laws of this state, or has not demonstrated an emergency or infrequent use.[ MCLS § 257.243]

According to MCLS § 29.473, prior to entering Michigan state, a motor carrier may obtain a temporary permit in lieu of a notice of registration form and a permit. The temporary permit shall expire 10 days after issuance, and the fee for a temporary permit shall be $100.00.

The secretary of state may issue a temporary registration permit to a person who submits an application and the proper fees and donation for a fund-raising plate, if the applicant's current vehicle registration will expire before his or her receipt of a fund-raising plate. The temporary registration shall expire upon the applicant's receipt of a fund-raising plate or upon the expiration of 30 days after the date of issuance, whichever occurs first. The temporary permit shall be issued without a separate fee. [MCLS § 257.811f]

The department may issue a temporary permit, valid for 180 days, to a nonresident of this state who holds a valid license from another state or United States jurisdiction licensing or regulating appraisers and is temporarily in this state to conduct an appraisal involving a federally related transaction or a real estate related financial transaction. The application shall be accompanied by proof of licensure or regulation in the other state or jurisdiction, a consent to the service of process as described in subsection (1), and a written description of the nature of the temporary assignment. The holder of a temporary permit may apply in writing for 1 extension of the temporary permit for not more than 180 days. The holder of a temporary permit is not required to complete continuing education.[MCLS § 339.2625]