Terrorist Travel Program Law and Legal Definition

Terrorist travel program is a program initiated by the Secretary of Homeland Security (“Secretary”) to oversee the implementation of the Secretary's responsibilities with respect to terrorist travel. It is established pursuant to 6 USCS § 123. The Secretary is the head of the travel security program. The Secretary designates an official of the Department of Homeland Security to be responsible for carrying out the terrorist travel program that includes:

1.Assisting the Secretary of Homeland Security in improving the Department's ability to prevent terrorists from entering the U.S.;

2.Reviewing the effectiveness of existing programs and recommending improvements;

3.Making recommendations on budget requests and on the allocation of funding and personnel;

4.Ensuring effective coordination, with respect to policies, programs, planning, operations, and dissemination of intelligence and information related to terrorist travel;

5.Serving as the Secretary's primary point of contact with the National Counterterrorism Center for implementing initiatives related to terrorist travel.