Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Law and Legal Definition

Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) is a state regulatory agency responsible for the education and licensing of real estate brokers, inspectors and salespersons in Texas. The mission of the TREC is to protect consumers’ economic welfare by ensuring that licensees are properly carry out their fiduciary responsibilities to clients, are qualified and competent, and adhere to professional standards. It also assists and protects consumers of real estate services, and foster economic growth in Texas. Through its programs of education, licensing and industry regulation, the Commission ensures the availability of capable and honest real estate service providers. To accomplish its mission, TREC

1.licenses real estate brokers, salespersons, home inspectors, and residential service companies

2.certifies right-of-way agents and registers timeshare projects

3.approves private real estate schools, courses, and instructors; and

4.investigates and resolves complaints, taking disciplinary action when necessary to enforce the commission’s statutes and rules.