Theology Law and Legal Definition

Theology is the study of the nature of God and religion. There are different categories of theology:

  1. Natural Theology
    *Natural theology is restricted to the facts concerning God which are revealed in the universe around us.
  2. Biblical Theology
    *Biblical theology is restricted to the biblical revelation of God. Its sole source is the Bible, independent of any philosophical system.
  3. Dogmatic Theology
    *Dogmatic theology refers to those elements of theological truth which are absolutely certain. It will avoid controversial fields of study and will concentrate on those points about which the church throughout history has held to unswervingly, such the virgin birth, the resurrection, the Trinity, and the like.
  4. Practical Theology
    *Practical theology has to do with the actual function of the truth in the lives of people. Given beliefs and doctrines are considered true if they work in the lives of real people.
  5. Theology Proper
    *Theology proper concerns itself with the study of the person of God, apart from his works. It deals with the existence of God, the ability of people to know him, his various attributes, and the nature of the Trinity.