Threatening Behavior Law and Legal Definition

Threatening behavior is intentional behavior which would cause a person of ordinary sensibilities fear of injury or harm. It can include acts of aggression such as yelling at a colleague, pounding on desks, slamming doors,blocking or cornering, and sending threatening voice-mails, e-mails, or other written threats. However behavior cannot be considered threatening just because a person finds it offensive or rude. The acts done should be such that a person feels that the accused person will harm them. Threatening behavior is an ingredient of many offences. The precise definition of the term may vary according to the context in which it is used.

The following is an example of a case law on threatening behavior:

The Michigan Department of Corrections Policy Directive, No. 03.03.105 (June 6, 1994) (Directive) defines "Threatening Behavior" as "Words, actions or other behavior which expresses an intent to injure or physically abuse another person." [Muhammad v. Close, 540 U.S. 749, 753 (U.S. 2004)]