Tobacco Law and Legal Definition

Tobacco, or any product containing tobacco, includes:

  1. Cigarettes
  2. Cigars
  3. Chewing tobacco
  4. Snuff
  5. Pipe tobacco
  6. Smokeless tobacco
  7. Tobacco is highly regulated due to health concerns about its addictive nature and health risks associated with its use. States regulate tobacco on a state-by-state basis, establishing permits for the distribution of tobacco or tobacco products and seeking to prevent the distribution of tobacco products to minors. State laws also provide for taxation of tobacco products. Numerous lawsuits against tobacco companies have been brought as class actions, some having resulted in court orders to fund educational programs through a state-administered fund, among other compensation. Local laws regulating smoking in public places and businesses have gained momentum in recent years due to studies conducted on the health effects of second-hand smoke.