Tract Law and Legal Definition

Tract is a term of varied meanings. It can be

  • Continuous expanse of land or of water. It can also be specified or limited area of land. For example, lot of money was spent to develop the 20 acre tract of land.
  • System of organs and tissues that together perform a specialized function. For example, alimentary tract. It can also be a bundle of nerve fibers having a common origin, termination, and function.
  • A leaflet or pamphlet containing a declaration or appeal, especially one put out by a religious or political group.
  • A stretch or lapse of time.

Example of a state statute ( New York) on Eligible tract.

According to NY CLS RPTL § 480-a [New York Consolidated Laws Service, Real Property Tax Law] Eligible tract means “a tract of privately owned forest land of at least fifty contiguous acres, exclusive of any portion thereof not devoted to the production of forest crops. Lands divided by federal, state, county or town roads, easements or rights-of-way, or energy transmission corridors or similar facilities will be considered contiguous for purposes of this section, unless vehicular access for forest management purposes is precluded. Lands from which a merchantable forest crop has been cut or removed within three years prior to the time of application for certification under this section will be ineligible unless such cutting or removal was accomplished under a forest management program designed to provide for the continuing production of merchantable forest crops.”