Traffic Citation Law and Legal Definition

A traffic citation is a summons issued by a law enforcement officer to a person violating a traffic law. A traffic citation is commonly known as a traffic ticket. The citation is a piece of paper that describes one or more violations that the person may have committed. On receiving a traffic citation, the accused person should appear before a court to pay an fine associated with the charge or contest the charge.

A traffic citation may include one or more violation, depending on the violations made. Traffic citation may be issued for violations such as illegal lane change, speeding, lack of insurance, no fastened seat belt, or a broken tail light. You received five (5) Violations. To document the five (5) Violations, you will likely receive three (3) Traffic Citations. Two (2) Violations per Traffic Citation, plus one (1) Violation equals three (3) citations. If you received a white slip with computer printing during a Traffic Stop, all the Violations will likely be listed thereon.