Traffic Ticket Law and Legal Definition

Traffic ticket refers to a notice issued by a government official or a traffic police officer to any person who disobeys traffic laws. Generally a traffic ticket is issued when there is a parking violation or a moving violation. Examples of moving violation are exceeding speed limit or overtaking through the wrong side. Parking violation occurs when there is an illegal parking. A traffic ticket in itself constitutes a summons to appear at traffic court. In the U.S., traffic laws vary from state to state. In Texas, Tex. Educ. Code § 51.206 states that in connection with traffic and parking violations, only the officers authorized have the authority to issue and use traffic tickets and summons of the type used by the Texas Highway Patrol.

In Florida, Fla. R. Traf. Ct. 6.080 states that in relation to improper disposition of traffic ticket, any person who solicits or aids in the disposition of a traffic complaint or summons in any manner other than that authorized by the court or who willfully violates any provision of these rules shall be proceeded against for criminal contempt.