Transit Visa Law and Legal Definition

Transit visa refers to a type of visa that is required by some countries from certain nationalities that are traveling to a different destination other than their country, but with a stop in an airport in their soil.

The following is an example of state law on transit visa:

A marriage between one who is a resident of the State of New York, and one who is in the U.S. on a transit visa, is valid. A valid marriage confers definite rights to the parties, as it does obligations flowing from one to the other. A person here on a transit visa who marries here is chargeable with the support of his spouse as his wife might be by virtue of the law as amended chargeable with the support of her spouse if he is or is likely to become a public charge and she is financially able to provide for him, or is or can be gainfully employed to so do. [England v. England, 205 Misc. 645 (N.Y. Misc. 1954)].