Transportation Systems Management and Operations Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 23 USCS § 101 (39) [Title 23. Highways; Chapter 1. Federal-Aid Highways], “(A) In general. The term "transportation systems management and operations" means an integrated program to optimize the performance of existing infrastructure through the implementation of multimodal and intermodal, cross-jurisdictional systems, services, and projects designed to preserve capacity and improve security, safety, and reliability of the transportation system.

(B) Inclusions. The term "transportation systems management and operations" includes--

(i) regional operations collaboration and coordination activities between transportation and public safety agencies; and

(ii) improvements to the transportation system, such as traffic detection and surveillance, arterial management, freeway management, demand management, work zone management, emergency management, electronic toll collection, automated enforcement, traffic incident management, roadway weather management, traveler information services, commercial vehicle operations, traffic control, freight management, and coordination of highway, rail, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian operations.”