Tribal Gaming Agency Law and Legal Definition

Tribal Gaming Agency is a regulatory agency that works on behalf of various tribes of Indians. The agency is responsible for Inspecting, examining and monitoring all gaming activities and the gaming entity. It is responsible for investigating any suspicion of wrongdoing in connection with any gaming activity or entity. It is also responsible for conducting investigations to determine compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances, contracts, agreements, goods, services, events or incidents. It implements and administers a system for investigating, licensing and monitoring employees and others connected with the gaming activities or entity.

Following is an example of a state statute {California[Cal Pen Code § 337t(j)] defining the term “Tribal Gaming Agency” with reference to gaming:

"Tribal Gaming Agency" means the person, agency, board, committee, commission, or council designated under tribal law, including, but not limited to, an intertribal gaming regulatory agency approved to fulfill those functions by the National Indian Gaming Commission, as primarily responsible for carrying out the regulatory responsibilities of the tribe under the Indian Gaming and Regulatory Act (25 U.S.C. Sec. 2701) and a tribal gaming ordinance.