Tripartite Panel Law and Legal Definition

A tripartite panel, in the employment context is a three-member arbitration board in which one member represents management, one member represents the union, and one member is neutral. It is a tool for resolving disputes and grievances in the workplace.

The following is an example of a contract clause dealing with a tripartite panel:

"Grievance procedures established by a labor agreement may also include provisions for arbitration of unresolved grievances by a tripartite panel under the Voluntary Labor Arbitration Rules of the Association with the impartial arbitrator selected by the Bank and labor organization representatives on the arbitration panel to be the Chairperson. In such event, arbitration shall extend only to grievances which involve the interpretation and application of specific provisions of a labor agreement and not to any other matters or to changes in or proposed changes in the agreement. Arbitration may only be invoked by labor organization on behalf of individual employees with their concurrence."