Truth in Music Advertising Act Law and Legal Definition

Truth in Music Advertising Act is governed under both state statute and federal law. The Act provides that it is unlawful to advertise or conduct a live musical performance through the use of a false, deceptive or misleading affiliation, connection or association between a performing group and a recording group. Several exceptions apply, such as:

1. The performing group is the authorized registrant and owner of a Federal service mark for that group registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

2. At least one member of the performing group was a member of the recording group and has a legal right by virtue of use or operation under the group name without having abandoned the name or affiliation with the group.

3. The live musical performance or production is identified in all advertising and promotion as a salute or tribute.

4. The advertising does not relate to a live musical performance or production taking place in this Commonwealth.

5. The performance or production is expressly authorized by the recording group.