Tuition Law and Legal Definition

Tuition is a fee for instruction, especially at a formal institution of learning. Tuition may or may not include room and board. Laws related to tuition vary by state. One state's law allowing illegal immigrants to attend state universities at discount tuition rates has come under legal attack. Private schools and universities each set their own rates for tuition, and may require some students to reside on campus and pay for food and boarding as part of the tuition.

Some student financial aid or grant programs are designed as a partial waiver of tuition. Public schools may require students outside the school district to pay tuition for attending school. Some states have special programs to recieve tax deductions for tuition and for parents to invest money to be used for tuition when their children are ready for college. Also, some states have enacted private school tuition tax credit laws. The IRS, as of this writing, allows a tax deduction for certain tuition and fees. Tax-advantaged education funds to pay for schooling costs could reduce, or possibly eliminate, this tuition and fees tax deduction.