Two Prior Felony Convictions Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 18 USCS Appx § 4B1.2 (c), [Title 18. Crimes and Criminal Procedure; Sentencing Guidelines for the United States Courts. 18 USCS Appendix; Chapter Four. Criminal History and Criminal Livelihood; Part B. Career Offenders and Criminal Livelihood] the term two prior felony convictions means “(1) the defendant committed the instant offense of conviction subsequent to sustaining at least two felony convictions of either a crime of violence or a controlled substance offense (i.e., two felony convictions of a crime of violence, two felony convictions of a controlled substance offense, or one felony conviction of a crime of violence and one felony conviction of a controlled substance offense), and (2) the sentences for at least two of the aforementioned felony convictions are counted separately under the provisions of § 4A1.1(a), (b), or (c). The date that a defendant sustained a conviction shall be the date that the guilt of the defendant has been established, whether by guilty plea, trial, or plea of nolo contendere.”